-- We are increasing the share of manufactured components using 3D printing and cutting using laser technology -- -- We use a smart system Industry 4.0 for production -- -- We integrate IoT into the Internet of Things technology -- -- We use a central server for filtration technology - production/client/service/remote supervision/maintenance -- -- Among other things, we place great emphasis on the reliable elimination and removal of bacteria, viruses, spores, fungi, yeasts, antibiotics, contraception, estrogens, testosterones, drug residues, psychoactive drugs and other toxins from water --
Engineering - Services | Výzkumný Technologický Institut s.r.o.


VTI Engineering is a service to all those who know what they need, but the road to the desired goal is a long and often full of obstacles. That's why we're here, so that we can effectively and with maximum emphasis on minimum power usage, design solutions for your apartment, house, industrial or residential area.

We can incorporate our technology units in existing buildings. We can help you from conceptual design to the implementation itself.


You can always contact us with your questions. We are here for you!