-- We are increasing the share of manufactured components using 3D printing and cutting using laser technology -- -- We use a smart system Industry 4.0 for production -- -- We integrate IoT into the Internet of Things technology -- -- We use a central server for filtration technology - production/client/service/remote supervision/maintenance -- -- Among other things, we place great emphasis on the reliable elimination and removal of bacteria, viruses, spores, fungi, yeasts, antibiotics, contraception, estrogens, testosterones, drug residues, psychoactive drugs and other toxins from water --
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AQ3 Mini Standard

It can be easily installed in your kitchen. It turns your tap water to high quality water excellent for drinking and cooking. Maximum daily production is 100 liters. No electricity required!

AQ3 Midi

This model is only slightly larger than the smallest AQ3 Mini, but it has considerably higher performance and product quality.

AQ3 Home

AQ3 Home is ideal for larger apartments or houses.

AQ3 Home plus

Enhanced version of AQ3 Home is maintaining the small size of its smaller sister.

AQ3 Industry

It is designed for the higher volumes produced - over 50 m3 of water per day.

AQ3 City

AQ3 City fits in 40 feet containers modularly according to required capacity above 50 cubic meters.

AQ3 Village

AQ3 version used for production of AQ3 Pure Water for small agglomerations - 15 to 50 cubic meters of water per day.

AQ3 Hospital

This model is designed for hospitals and laboratories with specific requirements for the water purity.

AQ3 Agricultural

It is designed for the higher volumes produced - over 50 m3 of water per day.

AQ3 Humanitarian

This type has a wide range of use in humanitarian aid projects such as refugee camps and field hospitals, as well as aid operations in areas affected by environmental disasters and disruption of infrastructure...