Service packages

Service packages BASIC or EXCLUSIVE gives you greater flexibility in production planning or your free time activities. Our qualified professionals will regularly inspect and maintain your AQ3 equipment and pay due care so that your equipment investment was not just a one-time act, but a meaningful fulfillment of your values.


Ensuring productivity


Warranty means your freedom. Whether in the factory , where it is possible to plan production efficiently or in your home when you do not have to worry about anything , knowing that it is taken care of for you!


Optimization of machine condition

Already during the warranty period, you can order one of the offered service packages and cover such as the cost of consumables, which is during the entire life of the machine interchange. Packages are discounted compared to full prices for consumables. In addition to comfort and indulge your machine to ensure optimal operation and let him work undisturbed for you!


Increase the value of the machine


Regular inspections help keep the machine at a high level of quality, timely identify and address potential errors. Because of these regular inspections and maintenance will stay value your device for a long period of time at a high level!


Cost savings


Maintenance of your device with an extended service package combined with regular inspection means that you will no longer have to think about how much this or that part of the spare part costs.



Advantages of service packages

1. Your independence and comfort

2. Quick availability of experts

3. Extended life

4. Optimizing facility capacity 





You will find more information on mail or phone. 

Service packages